Villa GabriMo' is located in the splendid Veio Park – territory that forms a triangle delineated by the Via Flaminia to the east, the Via Cassia to the west and the Campagnanese country road to the north. This is the so-called Agro Veientano area, dominated by the Etruscan city of Veio and characterized by interesting historic, natural and scenic elements.

The most interesting place to visit is the Campetti Roman villa – archeological ruins that encompass 10,000 sq.m., including a funereal area in which visitors can see the Tomb of the Ducks, the Isola Farnese grinding wheel and moat, the Piordo moat, the Follettino biotope and the Sacrofano volcano.

Each of these culturally interesting sites are just a few kilometres away from the Villa GabriMo' and can be reached by car, while for those who prefer engaging in sports, the Villa GabriMo' offers various interesting alternatives.

There is the possibility, for a fee, by booking in advance, to play golf at the "Parco di Roma" club, located a few minutes from the Villa, or in other nearby clubs. It is also possible to practice horse riding in a riding stable not far from the Villa.

Parco di Veio

Due Ponti


Golf Parco di Roma